What is Active Breed?

Active Breed: Improving men's health in South-Western Sydney

Active Breed is a 12-week program focused on encouraging men to improve their physical and mental health and lose weight through a series of weekly education and exercise sessions. Each session will run for approximately 90 minutes and will focus on topics including:

  • Weight loss
  • Physical activity
  • Dietary intake
  • Mental health
  • Violence prevention

Practical exercise sessions will cater to all fitness levels and will include football skills and drills, supervised gym sessions and small-sided social games. The sessions will be held at and around Belmore Sports Ground and will be run by health experts, Active Breed coaches and Bulldogs legends.

Who is eligible to participate?

We are recruiting men aged 35-64 years from South-Western Sydney with a body mass index (BMI) of 25-42 kg/m2


For more information about the program, please review the participant information sheet or 

click here to register your interest


After the success of our 2018 pilot program, we asked a few members of our Active Breed alumni to tell us about the impact the program has had on them.

"Active Breed has made a positive change in not just my personal life, but has also improved communication and positive reinforcement with my family. Family has seen a massive change in the way I communicate and openly talk about anything and everything - plus I am much more approachable which makes family life a lot more enjoyable."

If you are thinking about joining..."There is absolutely nothing to lose (besides weight!) You will meet a fantastic team as well as a dedicated support group which will help facilitate every step of the way."

Justin, 35 years

"It has totally changed my outlook in life through my mental, physical and emotional state. I thought I was going in there to lose weight but more than that, I gained knowledge and life long mates. The program prepared me to take on the challenge that I recently went through with my mum who is battling a rare form of Leukaemia. Through the program's education on mental health and reaching out, I was able to remain mentally strong and healthy (during the tough times) as I was able to open up and communicate my thoughts and fears to my support group and loved ones."

If you are thinking about joining..."There nothing to lose (except weight) and everything to gain (except weight)."

Mervin, 41 years

"The bond between team members and facilitators was amazing making it a brilliant learning environment. The program sticks with you when you leave, helping you achieve your goals."

Mayso, 43 years

"Thanks to the Active Breed program I have lost weight and kept it off...slowly losing more but more importantly, I am now starting to open up about some personal issues to my medical people and spouse. This program is not just about weight loss, it is about breaking down some of our long held views that can inhibit personal growth."

John, 64 years

"Active Breed has completely changed my outlook on exercise and physical activity. Active Breed put enjoyment back into exercise for me, prior to joining Active Breed I looked at exercise as a chore and boring but thanks to the great sessions it taught me that exercise can be fun and I haven't looked back. The Active Breed program along with the exercise and physical activity they incorporate into the sessions are great ways to feel better, boost your health and have fun at the same time. Being at Belmore and around the Bulldogs makes it that just little more special. I highly recommend everyone looking to boost their health or change their lifestyle for the better to get involved. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain."

Sam, 37 years

"Active Breed has impacted me and my family with healthy food choices, increased physical activity and improved mental health. But most of all, a heap of new friends within the Bulldogs family."

Dico, 46 years

"The biggest change has been my diet. I have lost weight, gained energy and feel much better. It's not hard to do and I still enjoy a scotch or beer when I feel like it. If you need a nudge to make positive changes then Active Breed will help you. As part of a team, you will get the support from everyone along with information on mental, physical and dietary help."

Tom, 58 years

"Highly beneficial from both practical and educative perspectives. The program has greatly increased my knowledge of all aspects of men's health. From the physical side I have lost a considerable amount of weight and ended the need for 2 lots of medication which I thought I would be on for life. The leadership and management of the program is outstanding and contributes greatly to the success of the program. The support from all people involved from the program is also invaluable in participants working toward their goals. It is a very enjoyable program with a good group of men from diverse backgrounds which contributes greatly to the program."

Phil, 63 years

"The experience had a big impact on my overall physical and mental health. Helped with a more positive attitude to life in general."

Mal, 59 years

"The program has helped me lose 8kg over 5 months and helped me identify that concentrating on only small changes to my diet would not only reduce my weight but also bring down my extreme high blood pressure which was undetected as a underlying health problem I had...I enjoyed very minute of the program, Dr Emma and the team are really 100% committed and professional and genuinely caring. Best of all, got to see what every true Bulldog fan would only dream of experiencing."


Register your interest

Please read the Participant Information Sheet and enter your details if you would like to register your interest for the 2019 Active Breed program.

You may be eligible if you are male, aged 35-64 years, have a BMI of 25-42 kg/m 2  and have not recently participated in a weight loss program. If you have any questions about the program, please email our team: activebreed@westernsydney.edu.au

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